The Iona School Association: Structure and Organisation

The Iona School Association (ISA) is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

ISA provides the legal framework for the practice and development of Steiner Waldorf Education at the Iona School.

One of the founding questions at the beginning of the school in 1985 was that of finding an organizational form that would help to support appropriate working relationships between parents, teachers and trustees (governors) so that the needs of the children could be met as fully as possible.

• All parents of children attending the Iona School and teachers working in the school are automatically members of the ISA.

• Parents of former pupils and friends who wish to support the school may ask to join ISA by writing to the School Manager.

• You may opt out of membership of ISA whilst your child is still at the school. This should be done by writing to the School Manager.

The Iona School Association is a heterarchical (non-hierarchical) Community of Interest, and a legal reflection of all those involved in the school.

The purpose of the association is to represent the long-term interests of the school by holding an Annual General Meeting in which the school Governance Team (Trustees) is appointed and held accountable for the effective governance of the school. Accounts are approved and auditors are appointed at this AGM. The College of Teachers is responsible for pedagogical governance and works closely with the School Management Team.

Whole School Meetings:

Whole School Meetings are held each term with the intention of keeping parents informed of the work of the College and management team. We discuss questions, suggestions and points of interest brought by parents and staff. It is a fruitful forum for sharing ideas about fundraising, recruitment and other projects.
Through these meetings we all develop awareness about the needs of the school community. Parents with time and skills can help with or initiate projects and work in partnership with teachers and the management team.

School Support Teams are a vital part of the economic and social life of the school and all parents are expected to participate.

The College of Teachers:

The College of Teachers has the responsibility for pedagogical governance and the development of the education. It is responsible for the effective management of the school but has chosen to delegate this task to the School Management Team.

It is the central task of the College to maintain the integrity of the Iona School as a Steiner Waldorf School. It appoints the School Management Team and the College representative on that team. The College also appoints the school’s representative on the Council of the Fellowship of Steiner Waldorf Schools in the UK. College members are teachers who are committed to Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education and who are established in their work at the school Staff Meetings.


Robert Parry

Louise Lipman

Martin Taylor

School Administration:

Chair of College: Robert Strafford

SWSF Rep: Dan Early

School Manager: Fiona Stuart

Communications & Admissions Manager: Dominique Allen

Reception: Helen Fitzsimmons

SEN Co-ordinator: Eileen Hickman

Learning Support: Delia Jones/Richard Moore