Admissions application fee: £35.00 application fee will be payable before a child visits the school.

School Fee Deposit: When a child is accepted into the school, a deposit (returnable) of one month’s fees will become payable in addition to the first monthly payment.

School & Kindergarten Fees

Full Fees

Per Annum  – £6724.10

Per Month   – £560.35

There applies a 20% fee reduction for a 2nd child attending the school, and a 40% fee reduction for a third child (providing attendance is at the same time as the 1st child).

Second Child                                                                 Third Child

Per Annum – £5379.26                                                    Per Annum  – £4034.46

Per Month   – £448.27                                                     Per Month    – £336.21

Kindergarten Day rate – £41.20 Kindergarten half day rate – £27.84

Half days: 9am-12.15pm (excluding lunch), or 9am-1.15pm (including lunch)

If you elect to stay for the extra lunch hour, this will be charged at the hourly rate of £7 or your discounted equivalent.

Community-Supported Places (CSP)

Parents may request the availability of a community-supported place on a reduced fee when applying to the school. A ‘Community-Supported Place’ form should be completed and returned to the School Administrator. You will be asked to attend an interview at the school and a decision will be made as soon as possible afterwards. Any community-supported place is based on evidence of your gross annual income which will trigger a stepped percentage reduction in fees.  Families applying for CSP’s in the Kindergarten must bring their child FULL TIME.


Rechargeable Items

This includes crayons, pens, Eurythmy shoes, performances, musical events, trips out etc. Cost is determined by the cost price of each item/trip. Payable for all children as the situation requires. Invoiced at the end of each month.

Individual Lessons

Occasionally, your child’s teacher may suggest individual lessons for your child with a support teacher.  No charge is made for these lessons, but a £25-35 donation per lesson, or however much you can afford, would be much appreciated to help cover the costs of the support teacher.

Breakfast Club

This is available daily from 8.00 at a cost of £3.00 per session. Please book in advance.

After-School Club

£7.80 per session, available Monday – Friday 3.15pm – 5.30pm. Please book in advance.

Late Collection Fee £15.00.  Fee if not booked in advance £15.00


Fees must be paid by Standing Order on the 1st of the month, in advance.  Fees can also be paid earlier than this – for example, the year or term can be paid up-front.

Other ‘Rechargeable items’/After-School Club etc., will be invoiced at the end of each month, and become payable within 14 days of issue.

The Iona School Association reserves the right to levy 2% interest on overdue arrears at the end of the month.

(The cost of any bank charges, plus a school administration charge of £30.00 will be invoiced to parents/carers for any returned or ‘bounced’ cheques, and payment will be due within 14 days of issue)

Non payment of fees and subsequent charges

After 30 days non-payment of fees the school will notify the parent and expect payment within ten days.

Failure to pay this will result in the school sending a reminder and charging £25 administration fee for each subsequent letter sent.

If we elect to carry out this process by email we will charge £7.50 for each email sent to you.

After 60 days of non-payment the school will, after a final letter sent and 14 days’ notice given, send the debt and any subsequent fees onto our debt collector. We will instruct them to pursue the debt through the court.  We will charge you £50.00 fee for this plus any fees we are charged by the debt collector.

You will also be liable for any court fees that we incur.

Please see Financial policy for further information.

Please see Financial policy for further information – CLICK HERE.