The Iona Club Lottery leaflet-CLICK HERE

The purpose of ‘The Iona Club’ is to support our school in a sustainable manner and there is also the chance of winning a prize! Membership only costs £5 per month by standing order. We do hope that every family is able to join.

For further information email the Iona Lottery Team:

The winning numbers for the January 2020 draw are:

1st prize number 35

2nd prize number 2

3rd prize number 36

Winners will be notified by email and prize funds sent across to the winners by cheque.


Registered with Nottingham City Council under the Gambling Act 2005.

Registered number to be completed.

  1. The name of the club shall be “The Friends of Iona School” (hereinafter called the “Iona Club”).
  2. The object of the Iona Club shall be to raise funds to support Iona School and in particular to provide funds:
  • For a sustainable restoration of the school buildings
  • To assist community supported places
  • To support children who may otherwise be prevented from participating in the school activities.
  1. All Iona School community members are eligible to be members of the Iona Club and include: parents of current and past students, staff and retired staff, Old Ionians and Governors, grandparents of current and past students may also be members.
  2. Any person subscribing to the Iona Club shall become a member of the Iona Club (a “Member”).
  3. All members must be aged 18 years or over and have only one subscription.
  4. Members can join the Iona Club at any time and will be informed of their draw number. Members may leave the Iona Club at any time giving 3 months notice but no subscription monies will be returned and the members draw number will continue to be drawn until the subscription expires. There is no upper limit to the number of members in the Iona Club.
  5. Members details and the draw number allocated to them will be stored on the Iona School database. **
  6. All subscriptions to the Iona Club will be at the rate of £60 per annum, payable either yearly in advance or by standing order of £5 monthly in advance. Members will be allocated 1 chance in each of 12 successive monthly draws per annual subscription paid.
  7. Approximately 50% of income will be paid to members in prizes. Expenditure of the remaining 50% income will be at the discretion of the Iona School Council.
  8. Prizes will be drawn 12 times a year. Two of these draws will be super draws and these will take place in June and in December each year. The first draw will be in July 2016 and the first super draw will be in December 2016.
  9. Winners will be notified by email and announced on the Iona website. Prizes will be paid by cheque.
  10. The monthly standard draws will use 30% of that month’s income which goes into that month’s prize pot with 20% of the income being carried across for the super draw. The maximum monthly normal prizes will be first prize 15% of the monthly prize pot, second prize 10% of the monthly prize pot and third prize 5% of the monthly prize pot.

The super draw prize fund which will be made up of 50% of that month’s income plus up to 5 months’ (first in first out) carried forward prize money. First prize will take 50% of the prize fund, second prize will take 30% and the third prize will take 20% of the prize fund.

  1. Administration of the Iona Club will be controlled by the Iona Club Committee.
  2. The rules of the Iona Club may be amended by the Iona Club administrators at any time and any such changes will be published on the Iona School website.
  3. The decision of the Iona Club Committee shall be final and binding on all matters relating to the operation of the Iona Club.
  4. Iona Club accounts shall be kept by the treasurer and be examined annually with the Iona School formal accounts.
  5. In the joining the Iona Club all members agree to abide by these rules.

** Data Protection: All data collected relating to the Iona Club will be shared with the Iona School and then held securely by the Iona School office under the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act. The information you provide may be used by the Iona School and the wider Iona School community for educational, charitable and social activities (sending invitations, newsletters (print and electronic) or for fundraising). Information will not be given or sold to external (i.e. non Iona school) entities for marketing or other purposes, except when acting as agents for the Iona School under a duty of confidentiality. If at anytime you wish to make a request for information held by the Iona School, please contact the school office.