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Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship
The SWSF is the membership organisation for all Steiner schools and independent Steiner Early Years settings in the UK and Ireland.

Steiner Education FAQs

ACTS – Acknowledging Creative Thinking Skills
Funded by the EU Erasmus+ (Key Action 2, School Education Strategic Partnership), and described by them as a ‘paradigms shift’ in education, the Acknowledging Creative Thinking Skills (ACTS) project sought to redesign qualifications to truly meet the needs of today’s young people, growing up in a complex and uncertain world where creativity, adaptability and flexibility of thinking will be a premium alongside the competent mastery of a range of disciplines.  The initial aims of the ACTS project have been decisively met and now offer schools and policymakers internationally, a significant, credible alternative to current provision.

Waldorf Today
News about Waldorf from around the world.  The world’s largest Waldorf website, news and events portal.

Waldorf Answers
This website intends to provide answers about Waldorf education, in depth, that parents and prospective parents may have and to clear up some of the misconceptions that may exist about Waldorf education.

Alliance for Childhood
The Alliance for Childhood is an international network of people and organisations, acting nationally and locally. The aim of the Alliance is to raise awareness in society of the importance of a good and healthy childhood, promoting the development of human beings able to build a society based on a culture of peace, environmental sustainability and respect for all differences.

The Waldorfs
The international list of famous Waldorf alumni.

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