Return to School Policy September 2020

Risk Assessment Covid September 2020

Return to School Policy (Phase 3) – Covid-19
Risk Assessment – Phase 3

Return to School Policy (Phase 2) – Covid-19
Risk Assessment – Phase 2

Return to School Policy (Phase 1) – Covid-19
Risk Assessment – Phase 1

Able, Gifted & Talented policy
Accessibility and action plan policy
Admissions Policy
After School Club policy
Alcohol and Substance policy
Allergy policy
Anti Radicilism (PREVENT) policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment, Feedback & Marking Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
Appendix to Behaviour Policy re Covid-19
Collection and failure to collect children policy
Complaints Policy
Community Cohesion policy
Curriculum Policy
Data Protection Policy
DBS Checking Staff policy
Disability Discrimination policy
Disaster policy and plan
Diversity, Equalities and Community Cohesion policy
English as an Additional Language policy
Environmental policy
Equalities and Diversity policy staff and new recruits
Equaility and Diversity Policy
Exclusion and Suspension Policy
Financial policy
First Aid and Procedure policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Fundraising policy
Harrasment of Staff policy
Health and Safety policy
Healthy Eating and Food Hygiene
Inclusion policy
Internet Safety and Social Media Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Leaving the school policy
Medicines policy
Missing Child Policy
Mobile Phone policy
Photography policy
Positive Handling Policy
Promoting Good Behaviour and Discipline policy
Pupil Code of Conduct & School Rules policy
Pupil Voice policy
Privacy policy
PSHE policy
Record Retention policy
Reference policy
Renting the school policy
Required withdrawal policy
Risk Assesment policy
Safeguarding Policy
Safer Recruitment policy
SEND (school) policy
Sickness, Disease and Infection Control policy
Site Security & the Safety of Children policy
Smoking Policy
Snow and School Closure policy
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy
Staff Grievance Policy
Staff and Visitor Code of Conduct Policy 
Trustee Policy
Violence at Work policy
Visitor policy
Volunteer and Work Experience policy
Whistleblowing Policy