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Iona School is delighted to be hosting a performance by Eurythmy West Midlands Young Stage Group Touring Programme called “Dreamscapes” on Tuesday 24th April 2018 at 7.30pm in the Hall.  Suitable for ages 12+.
“Dreamscapes” is a magical journey depicting the fragile borders between different realities, the changing shades and colours of authentic human experience – reflecting the times in which we live. The central piece is a version of D. H. Lawrence’s extraordinary final, and largely unknown poem, “The Ship of Death”. Revelatory works by Debussy, Yeats, Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, Chopin, Alois Zimmermann-and a good dose of humour-provide further material for this rich poetic-musical performance.
The three gifted young eurythmists, who studied at Eurythmeum-CH, are originally from Germany, Japan and Taiwan. They came to Engalnd to enhance their performance skills with Eurythmy West Midlands.
They are pleased to be able to tour with experienced artists Bob Davie (cello), Alan Stott (piano) and Geoffrey Norris (speech).
To book tickets for this unique event please contact: dominique@theionaschool.org.uk or ring 0115 9415295.
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15.30 – 16.30

Martin joined the Roman Army at his father’s behest and, though a reluctant soldier, rose to the rank of Tribune within three years. He is remembered as the one who cut his cloak in half in order to clothe a cold and hungry beggar. After this act of charity he dreamt that he saw Christ wearing the half – cloak.

Martin left the army and went to Poitiers to become the disciple of Bishop Hilary. Although Martin would have preferred a quiet and humble life, the people of Tours wanted him to be their Bishop and had to trick him to get him into the cathedral to be consecrated. One story tells that he hid in a goose shed and the people came with their lanterns to find him.

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