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You are invited to a talk by Dr James Dyson on Monday 4th July at Iona School at 19.30 for 19.45.

“Will and the Hidden Secret behind Child Development”

“Boredom, lethargy, cynicism and hate versus enthusiasm, motivation, respect and love . . . Which four of these would you aspire to for yourselves and for your children? – Well, the answer is self-evident and so, at least within certain limits, is the why; but in the ‘how’, the mystery of the life of will is embedded. Is this mystery a function of the brain, the liver, a spiritual inspiration, or is it a synthesis of all three? However understood, the magic of the will is clearly the best kept of all human secrets!

In this talk, James Dyson will offer a picture of how the will connects to sense impressions in childhood, translates these into soul experiences and emerges as the hidden unifying secret behind biography! James will be drawing on an anthroposophic understanding of psychology and physiology and indicate how these two aspects of the human being function as a dual unity within the threefold human organisation in health – and how illness may arise when their mutual coherence is lost.”

Please make every effort to attend what will be an enlivening and enriching talk which will touch the heart of our work here at the Iona School.

Best wishes,

Richard Moore, for The College of Teachers