17. May 2013 · Comments Off on “Post Graduate Steiner students are hard-working; self-aware and thus stable in their interests” quotes Professor Marie Harder · Categories: Steiner education


“I have come across Steiner students many times while a Professor at the University of Brighton, and always enjoyed their robustness and perseverance in their work. But now that I am working in China, I am actually acutely aware of the value of the special characteristics that Steiner students bring: grounded in themselves and thus robust to external drivers; hard-working; self-aware and thus stable in their interests; wanting to be of service to humanity generally. These are characteristics that allow students to get the utmost out of opportunities in China and research, and to contribute to both.”



Professor Marie Harder, Professor of Sustainable Waste Management, University of Brighton, and National China Thousand Talents Professor, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai, China