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Like all other schools and colleges, the Iona School has a responsibility to keep children safe, this may involve reporting any incidences where we feel children are at risk.  We practice safeguarding to a very high standard: 

  • All our staff are thoroughly checked in line with the DfE (Department for Education) ruling. 
  • All volunteers have to go through a suitability checking procedure and are DBS checked.  
  • All staff also receive a copy of Keeping Children Safe in Education Part One and receive regular safeguarding training to ensure a high standard is maintained.

For further information for parents and staff – Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2023 – CLICK HERE

We also ensure that your children are safe online both with Share Aware lessons and discussions around on-line safety.  We have an Internet Safety and Social Media Policy which gives parents lots of help on keeping children safe in the online world, and we advise all our parents to read this.

If you have any concerns please contact one of our safeguarding team or if you wish to have an informal chat without raising a concern, please contact the School Business Manager.  We would always rather have any worries brought to us so that we can help.

Safeguarding Team

  • Designated Children’s Safeguarding Lead: Nick Delaforce-Sanders
  • Designated Adult’s Safeguarding Lead: Nick Delaforce-Sanders
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Julie Wyer & Janine Ray


Contact Us

The Iona School
310 Sneinton Dale

0115 941 5295